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Warehouse data entry work is a vital, yet often overlooked, aspect of the supply chain industry. These days, supply chain is a huge pressing issue for just about every business that wants to have products and services to offer to customers (the lifeblood of their business).

Warehouse data entry workers are today’s heroes to save these frantic businesses.

As a warehouse data entry worker, you are responsible for accurately recording and tracking all of the products coming in and out of the warehouse.

Even more crucial these days is to help the warehouse with potential supply management issues. This is a constant battle that goes to the very heart of every business as we discuss further. Let’s get to work!

To excel in this role, there are key characteristics to possess. We will dig into those further, but let’s talk about pay first.


The salary for a warehouse data entry worker can vary depending on several factors — such as location, experience, and the specific duties of the job.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for data entry keyers in the United States is $18.29 per hour. This translates to an annual salary of around $38,053. However, those with more experience (or higher levels of education) may earn more.

It is also worth noting that salary can be affected by location and cost of living, with data entry keyers in some states earning higher wages than others. Some of the highest-paying states for data entry keyers are Alaska, Washington DC and New Jersey.

It is also important to note that many data entry workers are employed on part-time or temporary basis, which can affect the salary as well.

It is important to research job listings and salary data in your area to get a more accurate idea of what a warehouse data entry worker can expect to make. And be sure to always ask for your fair share – you deserve it!

Of course, it comes down to how many skills you have. The more skills, the more you make. So let’s cover skills next.

Skills Needed

First and foremost, a significant aspect of your job is attention to detail. You must be able to enter data with precision and accuracy, and quickly identify any errors or discrepancies in the information provided.

This is especially important as inaccuracies can lead to costly mistakes and disrupt the entire supply chain from the misfigured data entry warehouse.

In addition to attention to detail, organizational skills are also essential. You will be managing multiple tasks at once, and it’s important that you can prioritize them effectively to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This means keeping track of deadlines and making sure that all the necessary information is recorded and filed correctly.

Another critical aspect of your job is basic computer skills. You must be proficient in using the computer software and tools required for data entry, such as data management systems and spreadsheet programs. These tools will be your primary means of recording and tracking data, so it’s essential that you are comfortable using them.

Each of these skills are negated if you keep every statistic to yourself. So you need to let others know the health of the business — and gain their cooperation to get things done. That brings us to the next skill.


Effective communication is also key to your role. You will be working closely with other members of the warehouse team, such as supervisors and managers. It’s important that you can clearly and effectively communicate any issues or concerns that may arise. Also be humble enough to take directions — and follow instructions — from others. A sympathetic ear can go a long ways to understanding (and gets you more pay!).


Finally, physical stamina is also a significant characteristic for a warehouse data entry worker. After all, you may be walking long distances just to keep an eye on things. You may be on your feet for long periods of time, and may also be required to lift packages or move equipment as needed. It’s important that you are able to perform these physical tasks without difficulty. (And to get yourself a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes.)

An example of warehouse data entry recording.

How to Get Training for Warehouse Data Entry Work

There are a handful of ways a person can get training for a warehouse data entry job:

  1. Online Courses: Websites like Coursera, Udemy, and edX offer a wide range of online courses related to data entry, logistics and supply chain management. These courses can provide a comprehensive introduction to the field, as well as more advanced training in specific areas such as data management systems and spreadsheet programs.
  2. Community Colleges and Technical Schools: Some community colleges and technical schools offer online courses and certificate programs in data entry and logistics. Often these can be right around the corner from you. These programs are often more comprehensive and may provide a more in-depth education in the field — along with practical applications for use in your geographic area.
  3. Professional associations and organizations: Professional associations such as the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) and the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) offer online training and certification programs for data entry professionals.
  4. On-the-job training: Some companies may offer on-the-job training for data entry positions. This could involve an employee shadowing an experienced data entry worker or receiving training on specific software or systems used by the company.

It is important to note that even if you get an online training it’s no guarantee of employment — most companies would look for some experience as well. But a clever person without physical experience can still get the job by demonstrating their learned skills. Takes a little persistence – I know you can do it!

In summary, being a warehouse data entry worker requires a unique set of skills and characteristics. Attention to detail, organizational skills, basic computer skills, effective communication, and physical stamina are all critical to excel in this role. If you possess these qualities, a career in warehouse data entry could be a great fit for you.

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